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Freddie Foreman

Freddie was born 5th March 1932 in South London. His child hood days was like so many war childrens, growing up where your biggest asset was your pride. But you usually had to fight for that. The Authorities gave nothing away in those days and they were the peoples biggest enemy. Freddie's Father would not tolerate or speak to the authorities, a Lesson which stuck with Freddie.

Freddie lasted until 1948 without goint to court, then at the ripe young age of 16, he was up in front of the judge on a GBH charge. This was the start of a long, long career.


Freddies 'firm' was formed in 1956. Members included Buster Edwards, Tommy Wisbey and Billy Hart . The firm were kept very busy in London doing small time work here and there.

The full story can be read in Freddies own words on his web site Here