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The Krays
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The Kray family consisted of 3 main members all brothers. Charlie, Reggie and Ronnie. It was Reggie and Ronnie, identical twins, which made the family famous. The twins were born in Stene Street in Hoxton on 24 October 1933 to Violet and Charlie. Violet has a housewife and Charlie used to go around the streets, buying gold and silver from door to door and selling it on at a profit. In 1939, the family, moved to Bethnal Green, 178 Vallance Road, a small terraced house with no bathroom and the toilet was in the back yard. Vallance road was to become the nerve centre of the Krays operations in later life. The area was renowned for its hard drinkers, gambling huts but most of all, the thing the twins loved, its boxing gyms.

They were the best years of our lives. They called them the swinging sixties. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were rulers of pop music, Carnaby Street ruled the fashion world...and me and my brother ruled London. We were fucking untouchable.

From Ron Krays book 'My Story'

The twins fell victim of conscription. In March 1952 they were called upon for duty. This is where they were taught the importance of power and pain. They were dishonourably discharged after going AWOL. The Kray empire grew and grew. They started running protection rackets out of a snooker hall which Charlie junior had helped fund. They owned a night club called the Double 'R' club. They were involved in Murders, Beatings, Jailbreaks, extortion. They kept local violence in the east end to a minimum.

In 1958, Ronnie was certified insane.

In 1969 after a life of crime, the Kray twins were sentenced to Life in prison, With a minimun of 30 years.

It turned out to mean just that.

Ronnie died of a heart attack in Broadmoor Prison on 17 March 1995.
Reggie Died of cancer on October 1st 2000 after being relesed from his 'Life' imprisonment on August 26th on campassionate grounds.
Charlie died in jail in April 2000, serving a sentence for plotting to smuggle cocaine

Latest News:

Kray Files NOW Public!

In the latter part of the Fifties and the Sixties the Kray Twins ruled the East End of London with intimidation , violence and some say charm. Police files about their reign of terror which would normally have remained confidential up until 2032 will be opened to the public at the Public Record Office from October 19th 2001, following a request in the Commons by Labour MP Harry Cohen